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Stained Art Glass

The design of a window may be abstract or figurative; may incorporate narratives drawn from the Bible, history, or literature; may represent saints or patrons, or use symbolic motifs, in particular armorial. Windows within a building may be thematic, for example: within a church – episodes from the life of Christ; within a parliament building – shields of the constituencies; within a college hall – figures representing the arts and sciences; or within a home – flora, fauna, or landscape.

Art Value: DY 3D art glass applies fine art onto normal glass which makes the normal glass as artist but not only a normal glass; 

Collection Value: The design are all from famous artists which make the glass high collection value;

Unique: The relief &pattern can be customized designed which meet different people and occasion’s requirement which is unique ;

Preview characteristic: The glass can be review before production, in case of any dislike, designers can change the relief&pattern as required. It can avoid the unsatisfactory after production;

Various:  Relief and Pattern has many different types which can meet cliets requirements; Also some customzied are allowed. 


Throughout its thousand-year history, the term has been applied almost exclusively to the windows of churches, mosques and other significant buildings. Although traditionally made in flat panels and used as windows, the creations of modern stained glass artists also include three-dimensional structures and sculpture.

Stained glass is also  popular today, often referred to as art glass. It is prevalent in luxury homes, commercial buildings, and places of worship. Artists and companies are contracted to create beautiful art glass ranging from domes, windows, backsplashes, etc.