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Magic Switchable Glass

DY Intelligent Glass includes a series of glass such as magic switchable glass, automatic shuttle glass, LED glass DY Intelligent Glass is mainly controlled by an special APP which is availble to remote the glass even people is far away from the glass.

DY Magic Switchable Glass Change from clear to translucent instantly and uniformly over the entire surface area.

A unique technology of MSG allows it to be switched from an ordinary-looking clear glass to a translucent glass for ensuring optimal vision control.  All it takes is a simple electrical switch as turning the lights on.

ntelligence:It’s first glass to be controlled by APP on mobile phone in the world. The glass changes from clear(opaque) to opaque(clear) at a flick of switch on/off at APP! It makes controlling of building decoration materials at any time any place available!

Privacy: MSG turns transparent when power on and frosted power off.  All it takes is a simple electrical switch within 1/10 seconds;

Safety:   In case there is any breakage, glass will be firmly adhesive on the pvb in MSG so that there is no spatter glass pieces which make MSG a real safety glass;

Power Saving: Since MSG turns frost  while power off, the space seperated by MSG is well-lighted even no need light-on while it also supplys enough privacy!  

Environmental:MSG also can resist infrared-ray upto 90% and UV-ray 99%. Furnishings in door  can be protected from ageing ; People can be also protecturer from any skin diseases; Sound Isolation:The pvb and film in MSG can resist noise upto 38db which is even better than DGU; 

Energy Isulation: Thermal insualtion can meet grade 2 ;